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People have their own takes on the word “shopping”. For some, shopping is their passion. They thrive on the excitement of finding something that greatly piques their interest. It is an undisputable fact that it is the hobby of the majority of women on this planet. And for some others, they view shopping as something that is frivolous, even bordering on silly and useless.

But let’s face it; shopping is an inseparable part of our lives. And eBay addressed that need in its own way. Through eBay, we can be spared of all the hassles from walking to different stores just to find that perfect item we desperately want to buy. We can just let our fingers do the shopping. With a few clicks of the mouse, we are taken to what is possibly the largest collection of things for sale that exists in this planet.

Trading goods and stuff on eBay can be fun and exciting. We can browse through a variety of products without us having to tire our legs out from the constant walking associated with shopping. So you create an account at eBay and immediately purchased a thing or two. It could be a gorgeous dress, with a pair of shoes that perfectly complements it. And here starts your journey on the eBay. You’re hooked, and that’s it!

So far, everything’s working out fine. You’ve probably bought a couple of nice earrings here, a piece or two of cute pants there. But suddenly, you received something that probably rocked the very foundation of your world. You can’t log in to your account. You’ve become a victim of eBay suspension.

But try to imagine the shock of those who are selling things and making their living on eBay. Imagine the disgust and the anger of those who have their businesses literally stripped away from them, all because they’ve been subjected to eBay suspension. But what exactly is an eBay suspension and why does it happen?

eBay suspension prevents you from logging in to your account, and all your current auctions are halted. Other people can see your account no longer authorized by eBay to conduct further business on their system. Embarrassing it may be, but that is just one of the negative effects included in the event your account gets suspended. Bottom line is, you are prevented from selling, and that means that you won’t be making any profit anymore.

eBay suspension happens for various reasons; the more common ones such as selling counterfeit goods, and delay in paying eBay fees. A few negative feedbacks could also spell demise for your account. Unfortunately, eBay could also suspend your account even if you are 100% sure that you are innocent. Talk about being unlucky.

You must always remember to practice honesty in all of your transactions. You are here to make profit, and trust is a commodity in business. Build a clean and reputable name for yourself by establishing trust in your clients, follow eBay’s rules and policies, and you’ll stay in business longer than your competitors.

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