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Your account is suspended by eBay. You tried to contact them for support but you haven’t heard from them, or you may have received one but it seemed that the message isn’t written by an actual person but an automatic response from eBay’s system. This isn’t actually helping you in any way. And like rubbing the proverbial salt on the proverbial wound, your Paypal account is put on hold as well. Your business is slowly getting ruined, and so is your reputation. It has created a large dent on your image that you have carefully and painstakingly polished.

Let me tell you one thing. “Suspended eBay accounts” is a more common story than you might have actually initially thought. This is a story that has happened to millions of eBay users, including you. The fact is you are not alone.

eBay do sometimes allows a user to reinstate his account, and put it back online. They will ask you to provide a number of requirements which you must be able to provide before they decide your reinstatement. The list includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • A copy of your driver’s license
  • A copy of your credit card
  • A copy of your birth certificate
  • A copy of your previous transaction details such as an auction invoice

Providing those above-mentioned information won’t necessarily mean that they will reinstate your account. For no apparent reason, your request for reinstatement can be denied by them. And by providing those additional personal information could spell more trouble to your efforts in getting back on eBay. By giving those details, they will have more ways to track your identity and possibly suspend any future accounts you might be creating. Signing up accounts and have each of them suspended could mean a permanent ban from their system. So now you might wonder how to get an account back at eBay and avoid future suspensions or bans? I suggest you use eBay Stealth Guide.

EBay Stealth Guide, as the name suggests, is a guide which aims to teach you how to employ certain measures to avoid eBay from linking your identities, allowing you to create multiple working accounts, and avoid from getting suspended or banned ever again! EBay Stealth Guide gives you plenty of information on the intricate workings of eBay and how it functions, effectively becoming an expert of eBay.

Arm yourself with the right weapon and grab your copy of eBay Stealth Guide now. Become a master of eBay, and become a successful entrepreneur online!

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